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At Peddle Web, we offer advanced curriculum for digital marketing training. The professionally designed course allows the participants to efficiently learn the subject matters and brighten their future. Whether you are a student, entrepreneur, or a professional, our digital marketing course is for you.

Search Engine Optimization
Learn the SEO techniques to maintain the online presence of a business on various search engines on the internet
Google Adwords Management
Get complete knowledge about how Google Adwords works and how to manage it effectively to achieve the desired results
Social Media Marketing
Discover how social media marketing works in the real world, and how to perform the activities to obtain maximum exposure on social platforms
Search Console
Get professional training on Google Analytics and Search Console to comprehend various metrics of a website and boost business growth
Content Marketing
Learn how content marketing affects businesses exposure on digital platforms. Understanding and implementing the strategies to empower business growth through content marketing
Video Marketing
Get advanced training on video marketing which is an essential part of digital marketing. Learn how to optimize video content and publicize the visual to grab maximum exposure

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As an internet advertising agency, we have assisted our clients to achieve result-oriented outcomes. From a reputed brand to small business, we have helped many businesses to retain more customers with digital marketing solutions. Glance through the work we have done so far and get better insights on how we deliver robust internet marketing solutions.

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At Peddle Web, our digital marketing mentors prefer to give practical training for the digital marketing course. Our approach makes students ready to work in the industry once they successfully complete the course. From clarifying basics to understanding the advanced techniques of digital media, students will get manifold opportunities to improve their skills.

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While delivering the top-notch industry knowledge about the latest trends in the digital marketing field, we aim to deliver expert knowledge to hone your skills for a specialized field. The expert faculty will guide you personally on understanding digital marketing subject matter with practical lessons.

Basic Concept Clarity Starting with basic digital marketing aspects, the faculty will clarify the basics of digital marketing. With the concept of clarity, you can easily comprehend the advanced subject matter and enhance your digital marketing skills.
Training on Live Projects Once the basics are clear, you will be offered on getting hands-on training on a live project. The live training helps you to understand how the actual work for digital marketing takes place. Also, it will boost your confidence as you get a chance to work on a live digital marketing project.
Practical Assignments Students will be assigned practical tasks to completely understand the practical aspect of the digital marketing course. The assignments will be evaluated and proper guidance will be given to enhance students’ skills.
Conducting self-evaluation tests The self-evaluating tests will be conducted to determine your progress and understanding of the subject matters. With the results, you can evaluate which skills you have mastered and where you need improvements.
24*7 Query Resolution AOfcourse, we welcome your questions! We encourage our students to ask questions and clear their doubts at any time. You will get plenty of opportunities to resolve your query while studying digital marketing course with us.


2019-11-26-thegem-testimonial (1)
Steve Vibhute
Founder and Director

PeddleWeb team is doing an excellent job and we are very happy with their services and knowledge on Digital marketing.

Mr.-Diwaker-Bharadhwaj-thegem-testimonial (1)
Diwaker Bharadwaj
Polycab India Limited
President (Marketing Communications & Packaging Development)

We wouldn’t have a better supplier then ecosmob for development, Understanding requirements and project delivery is marvelous. The very Young team who gives you the desired output. If you are looking for digital media solutions then ecosmob is a better solution provider.

2019-12-04-thegem-testimonial (1)
Kartik Khambhati
Co-Founder & Chief Business Development Officer

Peddle-Web TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) seems an integral part of HoduSoft. They are honest, passionate and dedicated to the deliverables no matter what. They accomplish our goals. Good work!

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