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Ecommerce Advertising: Essentials You Should Know

Ecommerce advertising is the practice of using paid media to promote products through online or offline platforms. The online platforms include a search engine, website, social media network, podcast, newsletters, etc. In contrast, offline platforms have  traditional forms of advertising such as TV or radio commercials, billboards, direct mail campaigns, and more. However, online ecommerce advertisements are more effective than offline because of the increased number of users on the internet.

These paid communications online via ecommerce ads enable businesses to reach potential buyers and boost sales. Ecommerce advertising campaigns’ ultimate goals of ecommerce advertising campaigns typically include strengthening brand awareness, increasing purchases, augmenting brand engagement, growing email subscriber lists, and more. Connecting with a reputed ecommerce SEO company to advertise your ecommerce business can produce lucrative results.

When you want to achieve the optimal result of product ads for your online store, you must test, tweak, and iterate on the ad strategies your business accommodates.

Want to explore more about ecommerce advertising?

You have landed at the right spot. Here we are uncovering the essential information about eCommerce advertising.

Types of ecommerce advertising

Because of the fierce competition in the e-commerce industry, you need to pick multiple ways of advertisements for your business. When it comes to the online store, you can choose various forms of advertising; let’s explore it.

#1. Display Add

Display advertising is online paid advertising, typically using images and text. Banners, landing pages, and popups are the most popular form of display ads. Generally, display ads are found on web pages that seize the users’ attention to the company’s product. However, when display ads are combined with remarketing can produce better results.

#2. Social media advertising

With more than 420 billion active people on social media, social media ads for ecommerce businesses are crucial. Facebook and Instagram are among the leading social channels to promote products. Facebook, for instance, offers various options to promote products via display ads, video ads, lead ads, slideshow ads, carousel ads, and more. As Facebook owns Instagram, you can also manage all of your Facebook and Instagram ads through the Facebook Ads Manager.

Moreover, Facebook provides many targeting opportunities such as location, interest, connections, behaviors, etc. But, when you pick social media ads, define your budget and determine strategies to achieve calculated outcomes.

#3. Adwords

Google Ads is the most effective way to get your products in front of customers when searching for products online. PPC (pay-per-click) or SEM (search engine marketing) ads fall under Adwords. PPC ads are typically text ads shown at the top of search results, above the organic listings.

Moreover, with this type of ad, you can control when to show your ads. Here are the factors to consider while using Adwords;

  • Keywords
  • Match types (broad match, exact match, phrase match)
  • Max-bid/ competitors’ bid
  • Expected CTR

#4. Video ads

Video ads are increasing their popularity. YouTube is the number one platform for video ads. Using the PPC method, companies need to pay when users engage with an ad. When you use video ads for your ecommerce business, you have a relatively higher chance to improve the SEO score, increase CTR, and boost sales. As videos allow placing interactive content effectively, using this type of ad benefits businesses in many ways.

#5. Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads are an incredibly effective form of advertisement that enables you to reach shopper-specific searched terms with clickable images at the top of the search results. While using these ads for your e-commerce items, you need to focus on considerations, including;

  • Product Feed Optimization
  • Campaign Structure, and
  • Targeting & Bidding Strategy

Ecommerce advertising techniques

#1. Personalization

Personalization in ecommerce ads makes customers feel that your business cares about them. Personalized ads based on their previous purchase or recommendations for the go-along products are effective. Further, ecommerce advertisers can meet customer expectations with explicit targeting at each stage of the marketing funnel. Besides, personalization is all about identifying your customers’ needs via data collection.

#2. Mobile-first

More than 80% of shoppers use their cell phones to find reviews, prices, and even other store locations. Hence, to achieve maximum exposure to your products, you must adopt a mobile-first approach. Also, the number of mobile users is increasingdaily, so there are higher chances that people are viewing on mobile devices instead of computers. So, focus on the mobile-first approach for ecommerce ads for better outcomes.

#3. Post-click optimization

Post-click optimization intends to meet the ad experience, commonly known as the pre-click experience with the landing page experience. Creating a dedicated landing page as an ad extension will help you to optimize post-click rates effectively.

#4. Conversion rate optimization

Another critical element in e-commerce advertising is the conversion rate optimization that helps in improving data collection, analysis, and testing. A/B testing is essential to find the better of two designs. By starting with business challenges and testing a potential solution on candidates using the experimental protocol, you can discover many ways to improve your conversion rates.

Final Thoughts

Ecommerce advertising demands extensive research and strategic actions. The ads working for your competitors might not work for you. However, testing and tweaking the ad campaign will guide you through successful ecommerce advertising for your business.

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