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How Digital Marketing can Help Create a larger than Life Brand Identity

You are here because you wish to develop a powerful identity for your business. You certainly want to create a brand message that resonates with your target audience. A robust marketing strategy is what you need. 

Remember, brand identity is beyond the logo and a few colors. You cannot develop it overnight. 

As a digital marketing company, we have helped several businesses in brand reputation building. First, let’s get the basics right. Then, focus on steps towards establishing a unique identity for your business in the online world. 

Elements of brand identity

The three core visual elements are logo, color palette, and typography. 

Of course, the text copy, voice, tag lines, timelines, and vocabulary are also essential elements in brand identity. Data visualization, iconography, illustration, and photography used for representing the brand are other aspects that need focus. 

Don’t have a team of in-house writers and designers?

You can outsource the job to a digital marketing services agency with experienced writers, copy editors, and designers. 

Look beyond the logo on packages 

Branding is what creates a life-long identity for your business. 

Brand identity is not about printing a fantastic logo on the packaging. It should be able to transform the way people interact with the business. 

Brand identity plays a substantial role in helping the business stand out in the competition. 

There are two camps of brands. Businesses in the first camp consist of most companies worldwide. They fail to understand who they are and thus cannot communicate appropriately. 

Brands in the second camp turn their identity into art. Some of the best examples of such firms are Levi’s, LEGO, and Apple. 

Businesses in both camps must craft a strong brand identity. 

“The best that man can get”

Today, when it comes to men’s shaving products, Gillette is the top name that comes to mind. That’s because the shaving products brand is trust-invoking and recognizable. 

But, do you know the fact that it was first introduced in the market 120 years ago? That’s the power of branding and reputation. 

Further, the company also uses digital brand ambassadors for promoting products across digital channels. They have managed to cement themselves in everyone’s brain. 

Your brand needs to resonate with the audience similarly. And this is where digital marketing presents an opportunity. 

Here’s how digital marketing plays a crucial role in strengthening the brand in the virtual space: 

  • Establishing “digital” brand identity

When it comes to shortlisting products or services, consumers prefer the online mode. Sounds right; who wants to visit crowded shopping centers when scientists talk about the fourth or fifth wave of coronavirus infections.

Are you still unsure about the benefits offered by digital marketing? 

Roughly 49 percent of internet users from the 18 to 29 age group purchase stuff after coming across social media ads. 

Around 43 percent of worldwide shoppers search for products via social media. These statistics highlight the importance of building a brand in the digital space. 

Online brand identity, social media campaigns, and search results play a crucial role in consumer’s shopping decisions. 

You need to be there with your competitors.

Digital marketing helps ensure your potential consumers understand your product or service’s USP. Chances of conversion increase when prospects appreciate your business. 

  • A consistent message across all the platforms 

You obviously wish to give a superb online life to your brand with all your efforts. 

The secret to success lies in developing a consistent, cohesive presentation via social media posts and ads. Such differentiation will help customers find your product on a shelf full of other things.

Whether it is your firm’s sales brochures, website page, or social media post, everything should present a consistent, cohesive brand experience. It can take the brand experience to a greater level. 

Effective communication also helps in forming a connection with people and turning them into lifelong community members. 

  • For recognition, visibility, and reach 

Do you wish to attract more local consumers? No worries, add local SEO as a part of your digital marketing strategy. SEO services professionals will help your brand appear the most in local search results. 

The Internet has a global reach. So, even if your firm is a local business, you can reach a larger audience to create brand awareness. 

As studies have highlighted, you can increase brand recognition by ensuring more and more people see your brand in their social media feeds.

And as someone associated with a business, you can understand that brand recognition increases the chances of potential customers choosing you over competitors. 

  • Develop trust and credibility 

After a few months of presence on various platforms, your enterprise will develop a loyal fanbase. Your social media follower base will start trusting your business. 

Your brand will be recognizable to your target audience and the industry. 

You can also expect word-of-mouth to increase with time. Slowly, you would notice engagements with blogs, website traffic, and conversion rate going upward. 

Besides brand reputation building, you should also consider opting for the following services:

  • Social media monitoring and management
  • Online review monitoring and management
  • Website monitoring and management 
  • Brand reputation repairing

To conclude: 

Your brand identity should fit into content, social media posts, search engine ads, and websites. 

Don’t wish to take the risk of handling branding and online reputation management? Let PeddleWeb handle social media and brand reputation management for your business. Our team has helped several companies in creating a fantastic online reputation.

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