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Local Citation Building: A Quick Guide To Follow

The more local citation (in quality and quantity) of a business you have, the more chances you can have to outrank the competition in the local search results. 

Searching on Google or any other search engine to find a local business has become the common practice for all. Customers have the tendency to search for a company with location and proximity in mind. Hence, it is crucial to have a local citation for your business.

This article offers a quick guide about the local citation building for your business.

#1. Local citation 101. 

A local citation is a listing (mentions)of a business across the web. The citation needs to have consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) details about a company.

However, if you want to improve the credibility and competitiveness of citation, you should also include the details such as;

  • Business category
  • Email address
  • Business hours
  • Fax numbers
  • Alternate phone numbers
  • Description of services/products
  • Tagline or slogans
  • Social media links
  • Images or videos, and so on.

These additional details will help the search engines and users to know more information about your business. They can easily find and interact with your business through local citations on various sources.

#2. Purpose of local citation building

The citation you complete online has the primary purpose of improving visibility and getting your found business easily. More specifically, the local citation building allows you;

  1. To be visible on the platforms so that the target audience can find accurate information and connect with your business.
  2. To ensure that search engines like Google identify a widespread and accurate representation of your business across the web, improving the chances of getting higher rankings in SERPs.
#3. What are the types of local citations?

When you cite your business online, where you list your business matters the most. Have a look at the common types of local citation;

1. Structured citations are similar to listing in a local business directory. In this type of citation, you can submit your business details and update those details when needed.

Search engines, local business directories, and apps offer a definite structure for building out listings for a business. The most important structured citation sources include;

  • Facebook
  • Axiom
  • Mapquest
  • Yelp
  • Yellow Pages
  • Apple Maps
  • Bing
  • Foursquare
  • White Pages

2. Unstructured citations refer to the business information displayed on a site (which is not specifically a business directory). You can locate unstructured citations on magazine sites, newspaper sites, review sites, blogging sites, social media, and so on.

3. Geo/industry-specific platforms

Based on the industry you serve in and the location of a business, additional platforms like a chamber of commerce sites or professional groups, or association websites may offer opportunities to list your business.

4. Your business website

The official business site is the most authentic presentation of your business details on the web. So, make sure the key information (name, address, phone number, and other information as mentioned earlier) about your company are formatted and mentioned consistently throughout the website.

More importantly, DO NOT overlook GMB while building local citations for your business.

#4. Google My Business (GMB)

GMB is among the most beneficial citations as it notifies Google Maps and the knowledge graph in the Google search results about your business.

More and more users use mobile devices /voice search to find a local business. In fact, as per one survey, more than 60% of users using a mobile phone are likely to reach a business near them. So, it is crucial to create a GMB profile for your business. If you have an up-to-date GMB profile, your business pops up on map searches.

In simple words, Google My Business profile is incredibly invaluable for local citation for a business.

#5. Importance of building local citation

The local citation of a business is a vital strategy to improve the local SEO for your website. It not only improves the online visibility of your business but also enables customers to connect with your business easily.

The benefits of local citation include;

  • Improve search rankings for a business
  • Make a business easily discoverable
  • Build online reputation
  • Increase organic traffic

When you initiate local citation building, you should make sure that the source has higher domain authority, and accept a new listing. Once you have a citation from credible sources, you can easily cite your business and get a link back to the website.

#6. Steps to cite a business for local SEO

Step #1. Gather all-inclusive information (NAP, and many more) about your business that you can cite to the sources.

Step #2. Find the sources (as mentioned earlier) for the citation and list business details.

Step #3. Accurately list the business information and maintain consistency throughout the citations.

Step #4. Use automated tools (Yext, Mox local, Synup, etc.) to cite your business across multiple directories and sources. OR you can hire a local SEO agency that can perform local business listings for you.

When you hire an SEO agency, you just sit back and cherish the outcomes while the firm strategically executes the local citation for your business.

PeddleWeb offers local SEO services for all types of business with an ultimate aim to focus on ranking, reputation, and revenue for the clients.

While we work for our clients and build a local business citation, we emphasize;

  • An accurate business listing on major platforms
  • Consistent business representation across the web
  • Data correction and eliminating inaccurate data
  • A reliable strategy for editing citation data
  • A strategic approach for discovering and managing reviews

If you do not have a strategic approach for local citation, you are risking the ranking and reputation of your business. Connect with PeddleWeb to empower local citation for your business and promote the visibility of your business across the web.

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