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Social Media Marketing - What Is Next

Unquestionably, social media plays a crucial role in making a business successful in this digital era. Whether a company wants to create brand recognition or boost sales, social media marketing can work efficiently. Since the existence of social media, it has offered many ways to benefit businesses in numerous ways. In this article, we are focusing on the upcoming social media trends for businesses.

Now, let’s dig into the understanding of the popularity of social media networks.

1. Why are social media platforms so popular?

Humans are social creatures, and we need to have social interactions to maintain a healthy life. Social media provides multiple ways to interact with like-minded people with seamless functionality to share thoughts through pitctures, videos, stories, etc.

In this scenario, marketers are taking advantage of social networks and provide a platform where customers can interact with a business. The social channels allow businesses to go beyond geographic boundaries and market their business across the globe. Also, it offers many ways to connect with potential customers. Plus, in most instances, the brand loyal customers market a product or service; the users on social media become advocates of the brand.

However, it is crucial to understand the futuristic aspects of social media. As time passes, social media platforms have evolved and will continue to grow to offer opportunities to market a business.

2. Shifts in customer expectations

Undoubtedly, consumers’ expectations have grown in how brands should interact with them. The brands have identified the ways for two way communication rather than just posting about their products or services. This helps them to understand the needs and wants of the customers.

The onset of the pandemic has changed the business practices, and the post-COVID era will also influence major changes in the way businesses function. It is also indispensable to observe the shifts in consumer expectations and how to modify the product or service to exceed customers’ expectations.

3. Transient content will keep growing in popularity

Transient content is something that is only available for a short duration and vanishes afterward. Instagram and Snapchat Stories are excellent examples of such content.

As people’s attention spans are short, using such stories for business promotion will help in catching their attention. Also, the story content is concise, engaging, and addictive in a way that people can easily spend hours scrolling through stories one by one. Besides, marketers have taken notice of this trend and will continue to practice it as an innovative way to build customer engagement on social platforms.

4. Social commerce will be in demand

Brands have long used social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook to sell their products. Social commerce has grown a new retail avenue for brands, and this course is only continuing to get stronger.

Social commerce is on its way to shifting a mainstream retail channel on par with other mediums like websites or Brick-and-Mortar stores. This inclination will extend further with more and more social networks advancing pro-selling characteristics. Besides, in the new normal business era (post-COVID), eCommerce businesses are forced to use multiple platforms to market their products and increase sales.

5. Video content will have more influence

Video content is one of the most appealing forms of content. There is no doubt that it will dominate social media in the near future. Whether it is short-form or long-form video on YouTube, videos will influence the people most on social media.

If your business is not currently creating videos actively, it is time that you incorporate it into your content strategy. Soon, videos will dominate social media and anyone who doesn’t realize that might face a tough time.

You can begin by using features such as stories (which are trending these days) for your social media content and advertisements. You should also add videos to your social media posts, even on platforms that were conventionally dominated by image or text content.

6. Multi-networking approach

The number of social media accounts per user has been evolving among all demographics. The multi-networking outcome is a response to the vast number of platform options. Social media practice will increase in developing countries, but it has usually plateaued amongst advanced economies. As more specialized social media platforms emerge, the number of social media platforms per user can still rise across all age groups, especially among millennials and Gen X. Nonetheless; we can expect the time spent on social media channels will be similar to what it currently is.

All in all, social media will be growing in its ways, where marketers and businesses need to be prepared to accept challenges and opportunities as well. The advanced use of social media platforms can be lucrative for businesses. From generating qualified leads to promote a brand or increase sales, social media can help in many ways. However, it depends on the nature of your business and the industry you serve, and you need to use social media smartly.

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