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Critical Areas of Focus For Ensuring SEO And CRO Work in Harmony

You are probably already well-versed with the ins and outs of SEO. Presumably, you are here to learn more about conversion rate optimization. As a digital marketing company, we believe it’s a great marketing strategy. But, it needs to work in sync with search engine optimization.

Let’s look at CRO basics, points of conflict, and the need to maintain a balance between the two.

Traffic without conversions is of no use 

Search engine optimization helps drive traffic to the website and grows brand awareness.

Businesses cannot ignore SEO anymore as maintaining a presence in organic results is a necessity. Yet, traffic doesn’t turn into revenue for the organization. A lot depends on the browsing experience that the visitor on the website experiences. Landing pages need to be able to guide the audience towards the desired action.

Without conversions, traffic remains a vanity metric. And this is where CRO, conversion rate optimization, comes into the picture.

Businesses may need conversion in the form of webinar registration, email newsletter sign-up, demo request, or some other action. CRO ensures the web page remains optimized to lead the visitor towards the desired action. The aim is to ensure visitors move smoothly in the marketing funnel.

SEO brings traffic to the website, and conversion rate optimization procedures help maximize the conversion. 

Understanding the parts of conversion optimization

The conversion rate ratio deals with the percentage of visitors who convert. CRO helps visitors in responding to call-to-action. The task can include form filling, getting a quote, placing an order, or clicking a call to action button. 

Here are critical moving parts for CRO strategy: 

  • Call to action buttons
  • Conversion funnel
  • A/B testing
  • Multivariate testing (MVT)
  • Usability 
  • Customer development tools
  • User journey recordings 
  • Analytics
  • Heatmaps 

Two of the most commonly reported conflicts: 

  • The page title and content 

Your CRO team may have a different perspective for page content and title. They would appreciate it if it highlights unique aspects of the business. On the other hand, SEO experts prefer to use both elements for sending the right signals to Google. In such a situation, teams need to select a copy that suits both purposes. 

  • Navigation 

Website navigation is another element that can trigger heated discussions. SEO services professionals will use the site navigation to signal Google, while the CRO side would want it designed to increase conversion rates. 

SEO and CRO working side by side can result in the following benefits:

  • Improvement in ROI

It is clear that focusing equally on both aspects can ensure more traffic and a better conversion rate. Furthermore, conversion rate optimization improves retention and lifetime customer value as existing consumers get a better experience. And this ultimately results in ROI improvement. 

  • Ensures website content matches search intent 

CRO can be extremely helpful in ensuring the content on the site matches the search intent. The conversion rate optimization process ensures the website landing pages have a clear and better path to conversion. 

  • Improved UX

The Core Web Vitals update proved Google is serious about user experience. Thus, clubbing SEO and CRO initiatives can be ideal in ensuring benefit for the overall site experience. Remember, a happy customer returns for more. 

  • Improved site speed

Website loading speed is another common factor in SEO ranking as well as CRO. A slow-loading website is always associated with slow conversion and high bounce rates. Focusing on both ultimately results in improved site speed.

  • The trust and credibility factor

New customers visiting the landing page ensure the site is reliable, genuine, and offers a great experience. They share the payment details only if they feel safe enough. Conversion rate optimization practices improve the site’s quality and authority. This set of procedures help in creating brand credibility. 

  • Improved data sets

CRO practices generate data that helps in knowing the ins and outs of consumers. You would know exactly what they like, dislike, and buying behavior. Further, combining this data set with that of the SEO results in a massive spectrum of insights. 

  • Super success with conversion rate optimization best practices 

Why do landing pages based on CRO rules succeed? The answer lies within CRO basics, understand your customers better!

Conversion rate optimization assists in detecting drivers, barriers, and hooks that can pursue consumers to take the desired action. 

Using these strategies and focusing on selected pages instead of the whole website helps improve conversions and revenue. Your digital marketing services firm can assist you with landing page optimization as per CRO rules. 

Ignoring CRO can prove to be a bad idea 

A considerable percentage of marketers assign little or almost no budget for conversion rate optimization. Studies show some of the companies simply ignore CRO. 

CRO is a crucial part of digital marketing and social media marketing. Yet, some firms think SEO goals like rankings, traffic, and clicks can be good enough to improve conversions. 

What if these factors don’t work together?

Various SEO practices drive traffic to the landing page. Further, it is up to the CRO tactics to engage and convert the prospect into a consumer. 

When SEO practices are a part of CRO strategy, you can witness a positive impact on PPC quality, organic rankings, and conversions. On the other hand, if you ignore SEO in CRO plans, you can expect conversion rate improvement, but the site may take a hit in organic rankings. 


SEO and CRO cannot succeed without each other. Both work towards increasing the company’s online revenues. Wish to get insights on best practices? Get in touch with PeddleWeb. Our experts can create CRO strategies that complement the SEO practice. 

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